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When you join a Wheeler Expedition, you embark on an adventure unlike any other. Every expedition we design is a unique combination of culture, history, and adventure: an intrepid voyage deep into the hidden mysteries of a land.

Our expeditions are all done in small groups of 6 to 12 people, ensuring safety while also creating a more intimate experience for all our adventurers.

The select group of travelers that joins each journey is composed of people of all ages and backgrounds who share positive attitudes, a sense of fun, and a love of life.

Join a Wheeler Expedition and experience the refreshing excitement
of a journey beyond the ordinary.

Reach the basecamps of all 8 Nepalese peaks over 8,000 meters high in just one week – piloted by the world’s most experienced mountain rescue pilots.

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The ultimate destination for anyone with an adventurous spirit: distant, remote, and incredibly spectacular. Far more than getting you to the South Pole and back, we travel via Cape Town to Antarctica’s most dramatic region, Queen Maud Land. See mountains out of a science fiction movie, science stations of three countries, and a huge colony of Emperor penguins, which almost no visitor to Antarctica ever sees.

Interested in this one-of-a-kind adventure?

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Custom Adventures

Do you have a specific vision for your ideal adventure? One of our specialties is crafting custom-tailored journeys for clients with a special part of the world calling to them. Contact us to find out more about our bespoke services.

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